Mario Day Choose One Switch Bundle Offers One $60 Game for Free

Mario Day Choose One Switch

For pop culture fans, Mario Day Choose One Switch bundle is a unique and value-added service for big-time Nintendo fans.

It is not every day you could actually purchase an amazing handheld console and also receive a free copy of one of their best franchises.

Whether you have been following Mario and its games or not doesn’t really matter. The titles have been around for decades now. Most of us would have played it at one point or the other. But, owning the games along with your Nintendo Switch console is an expensive affair. Apart from paying full price for the console (Nintendo rarely focuses on discounts), you should spend at least $200 to own 3 to 4 first-party AAA titles from the company.

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Mario Day which is a special occasion celebrated in Japan and across the globe by fans makes it easier to buy a new console for your friend, family member, or just for yourself along with a free game. The three titles being offered are,

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Mario Bros U Deluxe
  • Mario Kart 8

Special Mario Day Celebrations

Mario Day Choose One Switch bundle costs about $299.99 but it is easily the best console plus game deal in recent times. Instead of spending more cash on a first-party title, you can rather get a great game to start off your collection. The only difficult part is having to choose one out of the three amazing titles.

For people who have plenty of friends and loving gaming with a group than going solo, Mario Kart 8 is obviously the best pick of the lot. Up to four or even eight players, if you have so many controllers lying around can participate in this arcade racing game. For solo players who love to complete missions Super Mario Odyssey is an extensive experience by itself. With plenty of challenging levels to complete, it is addictive on the go and Mario Bros U Deluxe comes from the era of Wii U which is a perfect classic recreation from the 80s era.

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The Super Mario Bros movie is heading to theaters on April 5. Mario Day Choose One Switch bundle happens to coincide with the date and you can spend your weeks playing one of these titles until the movie hits theaters in a grandiose manner.

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