Super Mario Bros. Movie Preponed – To Now Release On April 5

Super Mario Bros movie

Even though it has been preponed by just a few days, the early arrival of the Super Mario Bros. movie should make fans happy!

Universal Pictures has decided to prepone the release date of the Super Mario Bros. movie by a couple of days. The decision to reschedule the release date of the film to April 5 was taken recently. While fans would be quite happy to know this, the change in release date would have some impact on the overall distribution plans for the film.

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In the year 1981, Shigeru Miyamoto created Super Mario for Nintendo’s video game franchise. In a very short span of time, Super Mario became the identity of the video game publisher. The massive popularity achieved by the character gave Nintendo the confidence to launch an array of colorful and oddball characters similar to it in the franchise.

Countless people across the world have been fans of the Super Mario Bros. video games. Apart from video games, these characters have also appeared in comic adaptations, animated features and live-action films. In the year 2018, Nintendo made an official announcement about its development of a new animated Super Mario film.

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Initially, Nintendo had planned to release the Super Mario Bros. movie in 2022. However, for certain reasons, the film was postponed and the studio started readying the film for a 2023 release. The film was touted to release on April 7 in the US and other markets. Now, the film is all set to hit the theatres on April 5 which happens to be a Wednesday.

The aforementioned tweet by the official Twitter handle confirms that the Super Mario Bros. movie will get a theatrical release on April 5. The tweet also that the fans in Japan will have to wait till April 28 as that is when the film will arrive in theatres in the country.

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