Microsoft Patent Features Xbox Controller with LCD Screen

Classic Duke, the Original Xbox Controller

Microsoft recently filed a patent that offers a glimpse of a potential design modification to Xbox controller that would feature an LCD screen for the purpose of pairing.

The screen has been placed in the center of the controller. The design resembles the structure of PlayStation controllers. The screen would work towards notifying players when they are using a mobile device or console. Because of the presence of this screen, gamers will find it very convenient to switch between cloud services and console.

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Xbox Game Pass library has contributed greatly towards making cloud gaming far more accessible. Microsoft is making an effort to make the Xbox system more user-friendly and modifying Xbox controllers seems to be the right step in that direction.

Microsoft’s patent exemplifies the LCD screen as something that would help players figure out whether their Xbox controllers have been paired with a device successfully or not. However, there is a possibility of using the screen for other tasks or activities as well. Apart from the traditional buttons, the new design features the Xbox button. The screen appears to be quite compact and is surrounded by a traditional frame.

xbox cont

xbox con

There have been several instances in the past when Microsoft has modified the Xbox controller. With every console, it has received an important upgrade. The Elite Controller Series 2 has enabled players to have better control or command over the game. The screen is quite unique as it gives the Xbox team the opportunity to display a variety of things. One can update the controller and make it support different games differently.

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Players will have to wait for some time to try out the new controllers. At the moment, the Xbox Team’s energies are channelized towards the development of the Xbox Game Pass and the upcoming releases for Xbox consoles.

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