Overwatch 2 Starts The Process of Giving OWL Rewards

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Overwatch 2 players have confirmed that they have been getting rewards by being viewers to the Overwatch League playoffs there were conducted a month ago.

Blizzard offered a large number of Overwatch League skins to watch the post-season matches. However, things started going in the wrong direction soon after these playoffs were organized. A large number of Overwatch 2 players were not able to connect their YouTube accounts properly. The ones who didn’t face these issues also suffered later when their rewards didn’t arrive at the right time.

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Aired between October 30 and November, the Overwatch League playoffs were marketed quite aggressively by Blizzard. To ensure that it registers good viewership numbers, Blizzard ensured players that they will win rewards by watching these events. Apart from extra League Tokens, players were also promised Overwatch League skins. There was also a penultimate bonus featuring skins for Kiriko, Sojourn and Junker Queen, who happen to be the newest heroes in Overwatch 2.

It seems Blizzard was suffering from an issue at its end. It declared that even the ones who have linked accounts will not be able to secure the rewards immediately. On Reddit, a Blizzard Support response was circulated last week which made it clear that the ones who had not received the rewards would not be getting them in the near future. As per this response, those players were not eligible for the rewards.

Finally got all of my league items, a month later. from Overwatch

A Reddit thread, which was shared on Sunday, carries the testimonies of the players who have confirmed getting the rewards they had been waiting for a long time to arrive. While no official word has come in yet, there is a possibility that these rewards were supposed to be given out a little late. Some of the players, however, continue to persist that they haven’t received their rewards despite being fully eligible for them.

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