Xbox Gamers To Receive A New Party Chat Feature

Xbox Live

November 2002 was when Xbox console owners received access to Xbox Live.

PlayStation users got to use this service four years later. Xbox Live, in several ways, contributed to changing the face of console gaming. Nintendo Game Cube and PlayStation 2 worked on the strength of the internet. However, Xbox played an important role in bringing several online gaming modes to the fore that were earlier accessible only on the PC.

It has been two decades since Xbox Live has been launched. While it has evolved in several ways, it continues to deal with a bunch of issues. As far as the Xbox Live Party Chat is concerned, one of the biggest problems continues to be its underwhelming audio quality. The good news is that a new update, which was rolled out recently for the Xbox Insider program members, works towards resolving these issues.

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This brand new update has been designed to filter out, microphone audio with the help of a unique noise suppression step. When you participate in a Party Chat, this particular feature would help in canceling out the noise created by barking wild dogs, crying babies, and several other kinds of background audio that have the potential to be received by the headset of a party member and have an adverse effect on their gaming session. You must, however, keep in mind the fact that it wouldn’t really help in enhancing the audio output of a poor-quality microphone.

Twenty years ago, when Xbox Live was launched, most users were content with speaking to their friends or relatives with the help of the internet. However, now that technology has come so far, most individuals cannot be expected to be happy with basic features.

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In the year 2020, Discord launched an update that enabled users to cancel or minimize background audio that could be emerging out of microphones. For a couple of years now, PC players have been served with a plethora of options as far as controlling background noise is concerned. Many of these features, which were introduced in the early years of online gaming, continue to be relevant even today.

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