Upcoming Minecraft Update Should Bring Improvements In The Enchanting System

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Since Minecraft released the Wild Update just a while back, one would have to wait for quite a long time to get some information about its next update.

However, fans have some idea of what could be expected from the next major update by the game. There is a good chance of the enchanting system being taken to the next level.

Enchanted elements have played an important role in shaping Minecraft in recent times. Players have the option of using Minecraft enchantments to earn a large amount of ore while embarking upon mining processes, eliminate monsters and carry out certain activities to increase their longevity.

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Though the enchanting system is quite fascinating, it largely focuses on a handful of items and doesn’t explore many other aspects. When the next update arrives, there is a possibility of the developers resolving this issue. The players firmly believe that the game would get far more exciting if they get a larger number of enchantments to try out. The developers also need to come up with more imaginative methods for players to regulate the enchantments.


The enchanting system is known to have a bias towards combat. For their armor and weapons, the players have the opportunity to choose from a plethora of well-designed buffs. Tool enchantments like Silk Touch and Fortune have always been the highlights of this system. To make this system more accessible for players, the developers should add more blocks and tools to it.

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Certain modifications would also help greatly in making the enchantment system far more interesting for the players. Since compasses are widely used in the game, the inclusion of detection enchantments would help players lead them towards Minecraft mobs. There is also a scope to explore utility blocks further.

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