Minecraft 1.21 Update Brings In a More Convenient Way To Move Villagers

Minecraft 1.21 update

Minecraft players can explore several new elements and quality-of-life changes added to the game.

The Minecraft 1.21 pre-release update has brought in several things that players have been looking forward to for a long time. Titled Tricky Trails, it has marked the arrival of a bunch of new features. It has also brought in quality-of-life changes to features that already exist. While fans had many expectations from pre-release 1 for the Tricky Trials update, it brought in several things that not many had anticipated.

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One of the features that has arrived through this update makes the process of moving villagers across long distances much more convenient and easier. Earlier, this task involved several complexities. However, now it has become much simpler. The new QoL changes have ensured that players face fewer complexities while doing this task.

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Minecraft villagers have always been one of the most important mobs. They have had several interesting abilities including picking up a profession and trading different items based on it. When a player is in survival mode, they can transport one or more villagers.

According to the Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1, players can use the new feature to pull a boat with the help of a lead. Now, players shall get the opportunity to make two villagers sit in a boat and transport them together. The front seat, which was earlier occupied by the player who would row the boat, is now unoccupied.

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At the moment, the fastest way to move mobs in the game is to pair up a leashed boat comprising of villagers with a flat road built with ice blocks. This method, however, consumes a lot of time and effort.

A quality-of-life change brought in by the Tricky Trials update is another interesting addition to the game. This change has enabled players to throw ender pearls into Nether portals in order to teleport themselves to another dimension.

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