Minecraft 1.21 Update: Mojang Unveils Five New Paintings

Minecraft 1.21 update

The new Minecraft 1.21 update has also brought fixes for bugs and introduced players to a plethora of fresh content.

Minecraft has been receiving updates quite regularly in the last few weeks. The game has seen a lot of improvements coming its way and this is something players have acknowledged as well. Recently, the developers of the game introduced several new elements into the game including a new palatial structure and a new weapon. As an April Fool’s joke, a new Potato dimension was introduced in the game as well.

While Mojang has been rolling out a lot of fresh content from its end, fans have also been requesting for many things to be added to the game. The game had featured some paintings but fans wanted some new ones to be added. Through the Minecraft 1.21 update, the gaming studio has introduced players to five new paintings. This has shown that Mojang is very serious about improving the aesthetic appeal of the game.

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In Minecraft, players use paintings to lend a homely feel to the base. One just needs a handful of items to put together a painting. Earlier, the game had 26 paintings which used to be generated randomly. With the addition of five new paintings, the total number has now grown to 31.

The five new paintings, which have been added to the game via Update 1.21, are titled Humble, Unpacked, Prairie Ride, Meditative and Baroque. All these paintings have been credited to Sarah Boeving, who works as a residential artist at Mojang Studios. Many of the digital artworks created by Sarah in the past have been greatly appreciated.

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All the five paintings are interesting in their own ways. In one of the paintings, we can see two villagers standing with their hut being in the background. This particular painting seems to be a tribute to Grant Wood’s American Gothic. Many paintings, introduced in the game in the past, have carried pop culture references. In another painting, one can see a sunflower, a decorative pot and a cake.

Along with launching these new paintings, update 1.21 has also fixed some bugs in the game. The technical changes, brought in the game through this update, has made it better in several ways. This is, undoubtedly, the most important update to have been rolled out to the game in a long time.

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