Minecraft 1.21 Update: What It Will Offer Players Apart from Bug Fixes?

Minecraft 1.21 Update Bugfixes

Bug fixes are not the only thing which the Minecraft 1.21 Update, which is expected to launch soon, will bring.

Minecraft 1.21 update will get an official release very soon. Mojang has just unveiled the first pre-release for the Tricky Trials update. As fans would know, pre-releases largely come equipped with bug fixes. However, Mojang has tried to do something different this time.

Tricky Trials update

Minecraft 1.21 Pre-release 1 enables players to utilize their leashes on boats and get ender pearls transferred to other dimensions. Though these features did not work optimally in the past, there is no issue with them at the moment. Apart from fixing these issues, the gaming studio has reverted a Fire Aspect Enchantment parity that was supposed to be an integral part of the Minecraft 1.21 update. The developers, at their end, have stated that this will come back in a future release.

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Once the update is released officially, players will get to see several exciting features. One of the interesting features that will be brought to the game with this update is the Ominous Trial Spawner. Mobs, that are removed by a Trial Spawner, will now drop any item that they picked up from the ground.

Players will also observe some prominent changes being made to the Minecraft weapon mace. While the attack speed of Mace has been changed to 0.6, doors of different materials can now be used to form a different door. Ender Pearls now teleport players to a completely different dimension. Through portals, players can now ride entities like Minecrafts or Horses.

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The report data generator now features information pertaining to network packets. Players will come across generic-use link names like ‘Website’ and ‘Support’ but they are not designed to serve any specific purpose. The update has also brought in several bug fixes that will make the game more appealing to players.

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