Minecraft Makes Formal Announcement About New Dynamic Worlds Designed for Bedrock Edition

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RealismCraft has been touted to be the first Bedrock Edition pack to feature modern dynamic world technology.

Mojang has just made an announcement about giving Minecraft Bedrock Edition pack creators the opportunity to use dynamic world technology for their custom packs. This will enable the pack to generate the worlds created by the players in a customized manner. Among other things, it will ensure players go through an immersive experience every time they play the game. The first pack, equipped with this technology, has been put out on the marketplace.

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If somebody is new to Minecraft, they might want to know what the term ‘dynamic world’ refers to. If a player puts together a new world in the game, it means they have witnessed the emergence of a dynamic world. The blocks, structures, biomes and mobs in the different worlds are similar to each other. They will, however, get generated in different combinations and orders. As players would keep exploring and loading chunks inside them, one would see the worlds getting progressively generated.

Each world features a distinctive cave system along with a woodland mansion location. Players would also stumble upon coral reefs that would contribute towards keeping the game interesting enough to be explored. A dynamic world, in other words, is a feature that will enable the game to put together new worlds again and again.

After the launch of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Mojang provided it with a marketplace. In this marketplace, third-party feature developers can put together multiple packs for the game and also sell or distribute them at zero cost.

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In the last few years, one has come across several instances of mod developers putting together complete worlds with the help of different features that players can buy and enjoy. A world created by a player would be the same as the one they created earlier.

Now, Mojang gives pack and mod developers the freedom to utilize dynamic technology in add-ons. This greatly alters the way custom Minecraft worlds are generated. Each custom world generated will feature a unique biome, terrain and structure generation.

Spark Universe happens to be a modding group that is responsible for putting together some of the most prominent modpacks developed for both Bedrock and Java editions. Recently, they launched a mudpack called Realism Craft in which the new dynamic world technology has been used.

This pack is now available on Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s marketplace. To get this, one has to pay 1690 minecoins. The pack offers a variety of things including dynamic lighting, shader-like graphics, mob animations, new trees, biomes, mobs and realistic fog.

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