Pokemon GO: Fans Believe Mega Metagross or Lucario Will Arrive In The Game Soon

Pokemon go

Fans feel July’s Ultra Unlock Part 2: Strength of Steel event will result in the arrival of one of these.

As an augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon GO was launched in the year 2016. In these 8 years, the game has managed to build a strong player base for itself. While the game was lapped up in a big way by Pokemon fans, the reverse has also happened. After the launch of the game, many players have been drawn to the world of Pokemon. Fans have also played an important role in the way the game has shaped up in the last few years.

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Fans of Pokemon GO are of the opinion that they will get the opportunity to get either Mega Metagross or Lucario in the game in the month of July. This, fans believe, will be a part of the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Strength of Steel event. Fans had been waiting for this event to come by for a very long time. Recently, Nintec made a formal announcement about its content schedule for July. Looking at it, one feels the month of July will be filled with activities for Pokemon GO fans.

In the month of July, there is a lot that Pokemon GO fans can look forward to. Apart from the final iterations of the GO Fest 2024 scheduled to be out soon, the Pokemon Go Community Day will also happen in July.

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A newly shared post on Reddit also validates the fact that Pokemon GO fans will be treated to a lot of exciting things in July. One of the things that makes the event schedule stand out is the Pokemon GO Fest Global event. Apart from this much-discussed event, fans also have the Ultra Unlock event to look forward to. This particular event, which has been titled Strength of Steel, will be organized between July 25th and July 30th. The arrival of this event is important for the community as it has been requesting for it for a very long time.

Because of all these events lined up, it is a good time for Niantic to make its debut in the Pokemon. Though nothing is confirmed as yet, fans seem to be quite confident about all these things happening soon. While some fans believe Mega Metagross will make its debut, some are of the opinion that Mega Lucario will be arriving.

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