Minecraft Wolf Armor: 1.21 Update Will Mark The Arrival of a Tougher Armor In The Game

Minecraft wolf armor

The upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update will bring in a lot of fresh content in the game. Along with new mobs, the update will result in the arrival of a lot of new items in the game.

One of the items fans are keenly looking forward to is the Minecraft wolf armor. Since wolves are known to attack hostile entities, eliminating them is not very difficult. Along with this interesting change, fans can look forward to several other improvements.

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In earlier beta versions of the game, there were no dissimilarities between the wolf armor and the diamond armor. Both of them offered an adequate amount of protection. However, now Mojang Studios has worked towards making the wolf armor stronger and more robust. Players will get to see this change once the Minecraft 1.21 update comes into effect.

One can create the wolf armor with the help of schutes left by the Minecraft armadillo. All players need to do is they should remember to collect the schutes regularly. The 1.21 update will also make this mob enter the game. You can get your hands on these items by using the brush on armadillos.

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Just like the diamond armor, the wolf armor has been designed as a one-piece gear. Now, the wolf armor exhibits more strength than the netherite chest armor. While the netherite armor provides one with eight points in armor, the wolf armor offers 11 points. To put it in simpler words, the wolf armor is now 30% stronger than the netherite chest armor.

Along with strong armor, there are several other things that fans can look forward to in the game with this new update coming along. The newest snapshot has included the ability to dye the wolf armor in a similar fashion as the leather armor. This brings a higher number of customizable options in the game and enables players to attach different armors to different tamed wolves.

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