Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, PC and Pocket Edition Receive Power Ranger Skin Pack

Minecraft Receives Power Ranger Pack

The Power Rangers movie is out this month and commemorating the occasion, Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, PC and Pocket Edition received a new Power Rangers skin pack.

Mojang has always been great at bringing out amazing skin packs to make the game more interesting than it already is. A lot of gamers love to experiment with their favorite characters inside the Minecraft world. There are tons of skin packs available for the game on all platforms than we could ever count. However, the number continues to increase as they keep rolling out these new packs.

Minecraft Power Rangers Pack

As confirmed by the blog post, Mojang and 4J studios are rolling out the Power Rangers skin pack for Minecraft gamers for free. It has all the colorful mighty morphing power rangers including the popular yellow, pink, black among other rangers. The big highlight is that the pack also includes skins for villains. Some of the popular baddies found in the game are Rita Repulsa, Bulk and Skull besides others.

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Talking about his association with Power Rangers, Mike Fielder, who is one of the lead artists in creating the skin pack for Minecraft said, “I have always had a huge liking towards Power Rangers. I used to finish school, grab a snack and watch the lineup of cartoons available on television. Watching Power Rangers was part of my daily routine and when the team announced that we are going to work on a skin pack inspired by the series, I was more than excited.”

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“My joy knew no bounds as I could explore and enjoy creating them all, especially Bulk and Skull which is my most favorite character of them all. I had immense fun working and creating these characters for the Minecraft world. I really feel that everyone who plays the game will enjoy what we have created and have so much fun as we did while getting those skins ready for the ardent Minecraft fans,” he added.

Minecraft Receives Power Ranger Pack

Most skin packs are usually paid ones on Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 or PC edition. It will also be available on Xbox Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. This one is not only launching on all platforms but didn’t mention a price tag. So, you can easily grab one right from the store and dress up your characters as power rangers to engage in immense fights using your Megazod powers. The screenshots posted should give you a fair idea of how good the Minecraft Power Rangers skin pack would look like.