New GTA Online Update Brings In Double Rewards, Drag Races and Lucrative Deals For Players

GTA online

The new GTA Online update offers players more than what they would have expected out of it.

Despite being a decade-old game, Grand Theft Auto Online has managed to keep the players engaged throughout all these years. It is one of those rare games that has appealed to console users from three different generations. Rockstar Games has released updates for the game quite regularly and that has played an important role in ensuring its long run over the years.

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The last few updates rolled out for GTA Online by Rockstar played an important role in making the game more dynamic and exciting for players. Apart from introducing players to new content, these updates also fixed several bugs that were affecting the game. The latest update has resulted in the arrival of fresh content, exciting features and solid bonuses in the game. Apart from striking a chord with the older players, this update should also play an important role in bringing new players on board.

While the new GTA Online update has brought in a lot of interesting content, most players are going to find the introduction of drag races to be the most exciting. To participate in these drag races and win them, players would be required to have a certain set of skills. Apart from getting a good hold on gear shifts, they would also need to understand concepts or elements like time nitrous boosts.

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While participating in the drag races, they will have to navigate their way through the traffic skillfully to ensure they stand a chance to win them. The new update has opened up several doors for wealth accumulation for players. Those who participate in the drag races or opt for Auto Shop Robbery contracts have the opportunity to win double GTA$ and RP rewards.

Till January 31, players participating in drag races have the chance to stake their claim on double GTA$ and RP rewards. There are some great Showroom Vehicle Discounts, including the Canis Kalahari and Pegassi Torero, to avail of. GTA Plus members would also get to avail of several lucrative Vehicle Discounts and Gun Van Discounts.

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