2 New Redmi Tablets, a Poco and a Xiaomi Smartphone Appear in Eurasian Certification

Redmi note 13 5G

Upcoming Redmi tablets and a couple of smartphone models from the brands of Xiaomi and POCO have been certified in EEC.

The model numbers of the Redmi tablets are 2405CRPFDG and 24074RPD2G. Whereas, the Xiaomi smartphone’s model number is 2405CPX3DG and the POCO phone’s model number is 24069PC21G. As usual, no other details have been revealed in this certification.

We can confirm from the ‘2405‘, ‘2406‘, and ‘2407‘ model numbers of these devices that they are slated for launch in Q2 and Q3 of this year.

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The tablet model numbers could belong to the successors of Redmi Pad and Redmi Pad SE which were released in October 2022 and September 2023 respectively. So we can assume that the device could be called Redmi Pad 2 or Redmi Pad SE 2.

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We have no other information about these models or the other POCO and Xiaomi smartphone model numbers because they have not appeared in any certifications till date and this is the first time we’ve spotted them.

POCO’s India Country Head, Himanshu Tandon, recently shared the company’s plans for the year 2024. He confirmed that the company has seen rapid growth in the Poco-X and Poco-F series, which are the premium devices from the brand. As a result, the company is planning to shift focus to the premium series this year and we could see more devices released this year in the X and F series. They also plan to expand their footprint to other cities to expand their markets.

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Xiaomi has several smartphones lined up in its pipeline for 2024, as is the case every year! Xiaomi 14 Ultra is the most anticipated smartphone while there will be several new devices across the K-series, Note-series, tablets and flip phones as well.

Featured Image: Redmi note 13 5G

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