Mojang Stops Releasing Content For Minecraft Dungeons

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Instead of updating the game, Mojang wants to channelize its energies towards developing new Minecraft titles.

Mojang has just confirmed that Minecraft Dungeons will no longer be receiving new content or support from the studio. The game received new content a year back during the Luminous Night Event. This news is bound to disappoint those fans who were looking forward to fresh content being introduced in the game.

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The massive success of Minecraft paved the way for a bunch of Minecraft spin-off games to be introduced. These spin-off games, apart from adding some variety and a sense of dynamism to the cuboid world, also helped in expanding the player base for Minecraft.

Minecraft Dungeons was launched in the year 2020 as the third Minecraft spin-off game. The game focused on a multiplayer mechanism and was devoid of a mining or crafting system. While the game received accolades for its visual aesthetics, it was also criticized for being a little complex. Despite the mixed reviews coming its way, Mojang amped up the game with six DLC campaigns and a plethora of content updates.

While Minecraft Dungeons has had a good number of fans, Mojang rightfully said that, “every journey has an end”. The developers shared an update and revealed that there is no objective to take the game beyond the Version 1.17 update it received recently. The gaming studio also stated that Minecraft Dungeons now has a strong player base comprising more than 25 million players. The gaming studio expressed its gratitude to all those fans who tried out the game and played an important role in taking it forward.

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In the same breath, Mojang has made it clear that no new DLC chapter or fresh update would be rolled out for the game in the future. The gaming studio, however, is keen on making the Minecraft universe bigger by launching more spin-off titles. Minecraft Legends, the last Minecraft spin-off title, was launched recently and received well by fans.

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