GTA 6 Analyst Claims The Game Has More Than 500 Hours of Content


According to GTA 6 analyst Michael Pachter, the fans will have no dearth of content while trying out the game.

At the moment, no other game is being discussed as fervently in the gaming community as Grand Theft Auto 6. While there is a lot of time for the game to come out, GTA fans can’t help but discuss it on a regular basis and wonder what it would offer them.

In February 2022, Rockstar Games confirmed that it was working on the next iteration of the GTA series. While fans kept coming across rumors pertaining to GTA 6 prior to that, there has been a bombardment of leaks and speculative information after this confirmation. The massive GTA leak that happened in September last year is still being discussed and dissected by fans.

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In the recent past, Michael Pachter, a prominent gaming industry analyst, has made some interesting observations about GTA 6. Recently, the analyst stated that the much-awaited game will feature more than 400 – 500 hours of content.

The claims made by Pachter are actually in sync with some of the information one stumbled upon about the game in the recent past. Pachter has also stated that GTA 6 will feature cities like Vice City, Los Santos, London and Liberty City. According to him, the game will be stocked up with missions that would lead to players visiting multiple locations. Since multiple locations will be explored in the game, the game will be loaded with a lot of content.

Pachter has also shared some other information about GTA 6 which fans would find very interesting. As per the gaming analyst, GTA 6 has been in the development process since the year 2014. At that time, however, Rockstar was trying to develop the story and not writing any code for the game. Rockstar has more than 2000 employees and all of them, as per Pachter, have been working towards creating a large amount of content for the game.

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As per Pachter, GTA will be a “mash-up of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, and Europe – London. The players, as per the claims made by him, would get the opportunity to explore most of what these continents have to offer and engage in missions that would be spread across multiple locations. To ensure the players have a truly immersive experience while playing the game, GTA 6 will be packed with more than 500 hours of content.

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