Minecraft Server Mineplex To Be Re-Launched In a Big Way


Mineplex, which had been one of the most popular Minecraft servers, is all set to make a grand comeback!

Over the years, many Minecraft servers have caught the fancy of gamers because of what they offered them. Mineplex is one of those servers that have served as a base for exploring several elements, engaging in fierce competitions and carrying out innovative or ground-breaking practices. Apart from offering players a plethora of game modes to choose from, the server also provided them with a safe and friendly community to engage with.

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While the Mineplex server always had a lot of fans, its founders surprised everyone a while back by making an announcement through a cryptic post on Discord that it will not be operational anymore. As soon as this happened, Samito, a prominent YouTube streamer, got in touch with the founders, took ownership of the company and made it clear that they would work towards rebuilding Mineplex from scratch and re-launch it.

Mineplex is all set to be re-launched as Mineplex Studio. Those who wish to use the server will have to pay a subscription fee. Mineplex Studios, for the uninitiated, has been a technology business that has gained attention for its Minecraft MMOs. The company made an official announcement about the introduction of the Mineplex Studio at the 2023 Creator Summit.

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As per the announcement, Mineplex Studio will work towards helping developers and giving them the platform to put together gaming networks and minigames based on Minecraft in an independent manner. Apart from providing them with the requisite infrastructure, the studio will also help them monetize the properties they create.

Upon its launch, the studio will offer users a well-organized set of tools that will help them significantly in the process of creating minigames. From having a game engine at their disposal to enabling matchmaking features, gamers and creators will get all the support they need.

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