More Sony PlayStation Exclusives Heading to PC, Bugs to be Ironed Out

Sony PlayStation Exclusives

The Last of Us on PC had some serious performance issues, but Sony PlayStation exclusives are heading to the platform one after the other.

The company in their financial call confirmed that they are witnessing excellent sales of all their popular titles like God of War, Spiderman and recently the Last of Us original more than a decade since its launch.

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With such massive support from the PC gaming community along with a huge backlash when LOU didn’t work as intended, Sony wants to focus more on the platform without any doubts. After all, when they are making enough money of titles that were released so many years ago, it doesn’t really hurt to bring in more developers onboard right. Besides, PC gaming community is far less closed minded than console gamers because it is all about performance on the platform. The reason allowed them to criticize a title which is so old yet feels fresh and players are actually completing it for the first them on their gaming PCs.

More Titles, Bloodborne eh?

The best titles are already out! Be it the new Uncharted, God of War or Spiderman, almost everything is already available on Windows PCs. While Sony didn’t really talk anything about making Spiderman 2 or any other title immediately available on computers along with their PlayStation 5 release dates, it shouldn’t be far before they make their decision. They are definitely witnessing enough sales by bringing all those games to Steam.

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In the same fiscal report, Sony PlayStation exclusives or not, any game priced at $70 witnessed heavy drop in sales compared to other titles. It is evident that gamers are not willing to pay too much for their gaming hobby, but at the same time the cost of making AAA titles is now much higher than it ever was.

The company has also sold more PS5 consoles along with Sony PlayStation exclusives, making them much more profitable yet it doesn’t cover the cost it incurs to make and sell the hardware or software. The future will witness unified experiences where Xbox, PlayStation and PC work together to share costs as well as have games onboard on launch date, possibly with subscription services.

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