GTA 6 Concept Trailer Features Multiple Cities

Grand Theft Auto 6

While a trailer for GTA 6 is months (if not years) away from its release, fans can content themselves with a concept trailer for the game!

While Rockstar Games remaining silent on Grand Theft Auto 6 has resulted in the anticipation around the game increasing, it has also made fans a little anxious. For a very long time now, fans have been waiting for Rockstar to share some important updates about the game.

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One of the most discussed topics about the game has been its location. The infamous September 2022 GTA leak suggested that Vice City could be the chosen location for Vice City. While this piece of information was not verified, YouTuber XXII went on to put together a version of the game with the help of Unreal Engine 5.

The YouTuber’sversion featured cities like Rio De Janeiro and Liberty City. The kind of detailing and intricacy in the video managed to impress fans greatly. Many even believed the GTA 6 concept trailer to be a genuine representation of the game and thought it was put out by Rockstar Games itself.

The GTA 6 leaks brought a lot of information, seemingly related to the game, to the forefront. Apart from leaking source code, it also gave fans a glimpse of some of the screenshots and footage from the game. While Rockstar was quite disturbed by the leak, it ensured fans that the development process of the game has not been affected by it.

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GTA 6, undoubtedly, is the most important project for Rockstar till date. The gaming publisher is well aware of the mammoth expectations attached to it and seems to be taking every possible measure to ensure the game lives up to the hype. Rockstar has gone to the extent of reallocating some of the resources it had kept aside for Red Dead Online into the development of GTA 6.

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