PlayStation Consoles PS5, PS4 Sell High Yet Game Sales Continue to Slump

PlayStation Showcase 2023

Sony is in turmoil and also the entire industry because PlayStation consoles PS5, PS4 continue to sell despite the latter being an old generation machine by now.

The trend of increased sales and revenue doesn’t sound the best because game sales continue to go down in 2022-2023 because of increased prices and a lack of interest in general.

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The latest fiscal quarter results released by Sony are quite positive compared to Microsoft. Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are selling but are quickly witnessing a drop in overall sales because of a lack of new compelling titles and consoles not being a hot gadget like they used to be. There was a time when gaming on a console was superlative because you could play Halo only on Xbox and God of War on PlayStation but times have changed.

The Last of Us is now available on PCs with massive graphical upgrades, dual monitor support, increased frame rate and more. From a technical perspective, it is great but the same doesn’t convert for an average gamer. There are no longer any discussions about which game is better but rather frame rates and graphics are the primary discussion now. All these factors contributed to a drastic downfall in game sales apart from the fact that they cost $70 now, at least for AAA titles like the upcoming Legend of Zelda game on Nintendo. PlayStation consoles PS5, PS4 are no different in pricing their games higher but they have also introduced PS Plus and game pass like service to be able to play many titles for a monthly subscription.

Massive Sales Record

Sony confirmed the PS5 console sold over 6.3 million units in the first quarter of 2023 which is a massive feat. PS4 is quite popular even now and going by the trend it looks like the newly launched next-generation PlayStation 5 console will witness sales records much higher than PS4 in a very short period.

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PlayStation Plus has 47.4 million subscribers but game sales in 68 million units which is 2 million lesser than what they sold in 2022. PlayStation consoles PS5, PS4 have a solid road ahead yet software is what makes money which is slumping slowly and puts a big question mark for the future of gaming trends and how players are perceiving it.

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