The Last of Us PC Issues Addressed by Naughty Dog, Steam Reviews Tumble Down

The Last of Us PC issues

Naughty Dog has released an open statement that the Last of Us PC issues are being addressed and they are quite aware of all the negative reviews on Steam right now.

The game got launched recently and within hours people who purchased the title got annoyed with performance issues.

PC gaming often gets plagued with such problems, especially for massively popular titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Elder Scrolls Skyrim and now The Last of Us Part I joins the list. Almost in every scenario, the development team has managed to fix the issues, but it took months before players actually stopped complaining. We hope Naughty Dog is quick to react so that it doesn’t take a long time because titles like Battlefield 2042 took almost an entire year before it became popular again with the masses.

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Being a single-player game, the Last of Us Part I solely focuses on performance on a standalone machine and doesn’t have external factors affecting it like server issues. However, most PC gamers who purchased it on day one said that it constantly stuttered, froze when they tried to move and had stability issues with the game crashing to desktop multiple times.

Naughty Dog Addresses it on Twitter

In their official Twitter statement, Naughty Dog confirmed the Last of Us PC issues are known to them at this point with endless reviews and comments coming their way.

“We are quite aware that there are multiple issues in the game because of being not compatible with PC hardware at times. Our team is busy working on them and providing a seamless playable experience. We are also working on the necessary updates first after which patches will be rolled out to address all the identified issues,” stated the development team in their social media statement.

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With over 3000 reviews, the Last of Us PC issues plaguing the game have led to mostly negative even though it is one of the iconic classics on PlayStation. The game got launched on PS3 and continued to be on PS4 and now a PlayStation 5 graphical update, as well as a remake of the title, is also available for purchase.

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