Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Watch (2 Variants) and Nokia 3V Receive Software Updates from Verizon

Galaxy watch

Verizon’s system updates are going out to three different devices namely the Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Nokia 3V.

While the update file for Nokia 3V has just the Android security update patches pertaining to October, November and December 2019, the other two have a lot more changes being brought about. If you are using any of these devices, do take your time to study the improvements your device must be exposed to once this update is installed.

Motorola Razr

This is the latest model from Motorola and is a foldable smartphone in the old Moto Razr style flip. The device was announced in November 2019 and is being shipped now. The device should be reaching the hands of the buyers now and Verizon is already out with the system update for it. As per the software update page on the Verizon site, the changes being made include an issue of skipping a few steps while you skip Wi-Fi. It addresses the issue of the battery charge indicator flashing. There are some camera improvements and other performance improvements being brought about in the device with this update. The December Android security update patch is also included.

Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm and 42mm)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch in two dial variants, 46mm and 42mm, are getting system updates from Verizon. This is the 4th system update by Verizon for these models.

There are a number of changes being brought about in this update. These start with a changed app layout. You now have to option to tap on “Screen always on” to keep the screen on while working out. Recoding of laps during your workout is now enabled.

There is now a provision for seeing the battery level of the earbuds connected to the ecosystem on the Galaxy Watch screen itself. Samsung has added another software feature through which your Galaxy Watch can be paired with the gym equipment you are working on. This will help in getting a more precise level of the exercise you did on the equipment.

Note the different software version numbers depending on the device you are wearing.

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Nokia 3V

The Nokia 3Vsmartphone was released through Verizon in August 2019 and the phone received its first update in September 2019. Now, as per the quarterly update plan, the device is receiving its Android security level updates for the months of October, November and December 2019.

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