Minecraft: New Boss Expansion Marks The Arrival of Moss Mobs Into The Game

Minecraft: The 3D Sandbox

The new Minecraft expansion should greatly appeal to players who have been fascinated by the idea of boss mobs!

Recently. Minecraft rolled out a custom map designed for the Bedrock Edition which has been titled the ‘Boss Expansion’. This new expansion has introduced players to several powerful boss mobs in the game. Ever since Minecraft has been launched, the vanilla version of the game has featured only two boss mobs in the form of Wither and Enter Dragon.

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The Java Edition of Minecraft offers players with countless mods to include new mobs and related features. However, the Bedrock Edition is largely driven by it’s a huge marketplace which serves as the platform for creators to put together a variety of downloadable content.

Minecraft Boss Expansion

The Boss Expansion map is the brainchild of Honeyfrost, a group comprising of marketplace, creators who have created a bunch of interesting content for Bedrock Edition over the years. According to reports, the group spent more than 12 months working on this map.

Only those who sign in to the Bedrock Edition of the game will be able to access the Boss Expansion. Once you go to its marketplace, you can download it easily. The Marketplace button, for those who don’t know, is a part of the main menu.

To find Boss Expansions, one has to enter the right keywords in the search bar placed in the top right corner. This is a paid custom map and can be acquired by paying 1340 minecoins. After the successful completion of the purchase, the player will be able to download the content.

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After purchasing and downloading the custom map, players will be able to use it. Initially, the player will be required to spawn in a room where they can use the elevator to take them to the main city area. This will serve as the starting point for the player. Being a custom map, players can expect it to feature gorgeous visuals, a well-delivered voiceover and cinematic sequences. There will be several other interesting features to look forward to as well.

Minecrafters will have the opportunity to choose from a plethora of boss mobs and step into the fight. Before engaging in your first boss fight, it would be a good idea to explore the city for a bit and upgrade some of the gears you might have at your disposal.

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