NBA 2K24: Visual Concept To Add New Feature In The Game Requested By Fans For Long

NBA 2k24

As per a new announcement by the American video game developer, a special feature, that fans wanted to be included in NBA 2K24 for a long time, will be added to it!

Visual Concepts and 2K have made a formal announcement about an important feature being added to NBA 2K24. Interestingly, this is one feature that fans had been wanting to be added to the game for years. Finally, their wish is granted by the video game developer. NBA 2K24 will now have the distinction of being the first game in the franchise to have cross-play, a feature that makes it possible for several players to try out the game as a multiplayer entity on different platforms.

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However, there is something players should be aware of. This feature will be available only on two platforms. This should come as a disappointment to those who had been wanting this feature on all platforms on which the game is available.

For years, players had been requesting Visual Concepts to incorporate this feature in the game. While it is finally being added to the game, there is still some mystery about why it took so long for Visual Concept to take this step. Some fans are of the opinion that Visual Concepts was simply trying to adjust the addition of this feature in its yearly release schedule. Since NBA 2K23 has incorporated MyTEAM cross-progression within console families, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players have the opportunity to upgrade it to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 while having access to their wallets and carrying out microtransactions.

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As far as playing across platforms is concerned, NBA 2K24 has proved to be an important title for the franchise. Through a new trailer, Visual Concepts and 2K made an announcement about the fact that NBA 2K24 will be the first ever game in the franchise to have a crossplay feature.

As stated earlier, NBA 2K24 crossplay will not be available on all platforms. Visual Concepts has made the crossplay feature available only on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 versions of the game. Apart from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this feature will not be available on Switch and PC versions of the game. Crossplay will be compatible with all the multiplayer modes in the game. Along with co-op matches, this feature can also be used in casual gaming sessions and online tournaments.

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