Netflix Announces Squid Game Video Game For Next Year


The Squid game video game will be one of the many exciting gaming titles Netflix plans to roll out next year!

Fans of Squid Game have a reason to rejoice. Netflix is working towards making the Squid Game universe more dynamic by launching an official video game on Squid Game. With this, the 2024 lineup of the streaming giant has gotten more exciting. The next year, Netflix already had plans to launch games like Money Heist and Sonic Mania Plus.

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The aforementioned news was shared officially on the Netflix blog by Mike Verdu, who serves as the Vice President of Netflix Games. Squid Game, the series, was launched in 2021 and became a global phenomenon in no time. At that time, the makers had stated that a lot of elements would be added to the Squid Game universe with time and it would be expanded considerably.

With this newly announced video game, the Squid Game universe will become much more robust and exciting. A while back, the first season of the competition series Squid Game: The Challenge was premiered. As an entertainment or media entity, this game has become bigger and better with time and this should have a positive effect on the video game as and when it releases.

Gaming enthusiasts are quite excited at the prospect of three classic Grand Theft Auto games being chosen by Netflix as a part of its gaming roaster. The compilation, which arrives under the umbrella name Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, comes equipped with titles like Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Members or subscribers would have the opportunity to sign up in advance to try out these games. Mobile Netflix subscribers will get to play some of these games for free.

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Two days back, Netflix unveiled its game lineup for 2024 and also made a formal announcement about offering its subscribers a Squid Game video game. Some of the most anticipated games that are a part of this lineup include Sonic Mania Plus, Money Heist and Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit.

A section of gamers are also looking forward to the arrival of titles like Game Dev Tycoon and FashionVerse on the streaming platform. With the kind of line-up it has for the next year, Netflix expects to attract several users from the gaming community into its fold.

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