Final Fantasy 16: New Bug Results in Clive Receiving an Invisible Buster Sword

final fantasy 16

While the glitch continues to exist in the game, it is expected to be resolved in the near future.

Sometimes, the presence of a bug makes a game all the more interesting. That’s exactly what happened with Final Fantasy 16 recently. Recently, a player stumbled upon a bug which led to Clive Rosfield being in the possession of an invisible Buster Sword. After the release of the Echoes of the Fallen DLC, one hasn’t really seen such issues cropping up in the game. The occurrence of this bug, therefore, is an exception.

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Square Enix used The Game Awards 2023 as a platform to unveil the Echoes of the Fallen DLC. The DLC, after adhering to some requirements in Final Fantasy 16, gives players the opportunity to explore a new story questline which comes before the main story’s conclusion.

Some of the older entries in the Final Fantasy franchise are also paid tribute through Echoes of the Fallen. The DLC features the Buster Sword by Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 and also gives players a chance to check out the reprised version of the Omega Weapon. After the launch of update 1.21, the Buster Sword was struck by a bug.

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A Final Fantasy 16 player, who identifies themselves as mbrock199494, stumbled upon an uncommon bug recently that led to the Buster Sword going invisible while being wielded. While one does not know the reason behind the occurrence of this bug yet, the user feels it could be the result of a playthrough fiddling with a save file from the Final Fantasy 16 demo. The bug does not seem to be very serious and is only making alterations to the appearance of the weapon.

The bug affects the Buster Sword once one acquires it from the Redeemable Items menu. A Reddit user, who identifies themselves as JP_Zikoko, jokingly stated that the visual glitch ‘unlocks the Monk job’ for Clive. The reason behind the user making such a comment is that the invisible Buster Sword gives an impression of Clive throwing punches in the air. In the near future, one expects a bug fix to be rolled out for it.

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