Grand Theft Auto 6 Fans Spot GTA Vice City Character In Trailer

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A fan’s observation has given rise to speculations about a popular character from Vice City being seen in GTA 6!

It has been a couple of days since the trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 was released, but it continues to be discussed fervently by fans in online gaming forums. For the longest time, Rockstar Games was silent about GTA 6. Therefore, the launch of this trailer became all the more special for fans. One does not expect the second trailer to be out anytime soon. Therefore, fans have enough time on their hands to analyze the different elements they spotted in the trailer.

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A GTA fan spotted the presence of a character in GTA 6 who seemed to be from the original Vice City game. As soon as the fan shared this observation publicly, fans started wondering whether the game would mark the return of this popular character. Many fans are of the opinion that no such thing would happen as there is a 40-year gap between the events taking place in the original Vice City game and GTA 6.

The GTA 6 trailer offered fans a lot to ponder upon. At the 33-minute mark, one can see a character moving in the background. The character, as spotted by the fan, resembles Lance Vance. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Lance Vance was introduced as the tritagonist but he soon turned into a secondary antagonist. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, he was seen as a deuteragonist. In the GTA franchise, the character was mostly spotted wearing a white soiree suit along with a purple shirt.

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The character, who looks like Lance Vance in the trailer, can be seen walking in the sidewalk. While many fans think of it to be a coincidence, there are many who believe it is an easter egg. Though these observations have sparked speculations about the character making an appearance in the game, one awaits confirmation on this from Rockstar Games. If Vance indeed makes an appearance in GTA 6, it would make the game all the more interesting.

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