Netflix Games Could Soon Feature a New Grand Theft Auto Game


While everybody is looking forward to the arrival of GTA 6, there is a good possibility of a new GTA game dropping on Netflix Games soon!

GTA on Netflix – now, that has a nice ring to it! If the rumors floating around are true, one could soon see a Grand Theft Auto Game on Netflix. Since GTA is one of the biggest gaming properties out there, it is quite natural to see platforms like Netflix wanting to exploit its popularity for their growth. Netflix has a gaming service and there’s a good chance of a GTA title being on it soon.

A recent report published in The Wall Street Journal states that Netflix is making a conscious effort to put together a well-structured library of gaming titles. As per the report, the streaming giant is in talks with Take-Two Interactive to sign a licensing deal which would enable it to launch a GTA game through its platform.

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According to gaming experts, if a GTA game arrives on Netflix, it would be designed as a mobile game. At the moment, one can only try out the games available on Netflix through its mobile app. Therefore, if Netflix hosts a GTA game on its platform, it will only be a mobile game. Players wouldn’t get the opportunity to play it on a PC or TV.

Netflix seems to be quite serious about building its gaming library. As per an industry analyst, Netflix has shelled out close to $1 billion on games till now. As per the chatter in the industry, the streaming giant is planning to hire a bunch of gaming executives to step into acquiring and developing AAA titles.

At the moment, it is a little difficult to predict as to how well investing in games will work for Netflix. Instead of buying the games, people might get the opportunity to play them after getting a Netflix subscription. So, Netflix’s larger goal is to expand its subscriber base by including a large number of gaming titles in its roaster.

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While the mobile games on Netflix’s gaming service have their share of followers, they are quite less as compared to full-fledged gaming platforms. Till September 20, the games on Netflix have been downloaded a little more than 70 million times. Though this is not a small number, other gaming subscription services have registered much higher playtime and downloads.

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