New Gears of War 6 Update Leaves Fans Upset

Gears of war 6

Not every new update about a game proves to be good news for fans. The latest update about Gears of War 6 is proof of this!

Gears of War fans know of Liam McIntyre as the actor who lends his voice to the character of JD Fenix in the game. McIntyre has now served as the messenger of news that could leave several Gears of War fans feeling disappointed.

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Gears 5, the last game in the Gears of War franchise, was released in 2019. As soon as the game was released, favorable reviews started pouring in and it was appreciated by fans of the franchise as well. The Coalition, the developer behind the Gears franchise, has been working with Epic Games to put together two short tech demos with the help of Unreal Engine 5.

The demo shadow of The Matrix Awakens was released during The Game Awards 2021. The Caverns by The Coalition, on the other hand, made its debut in April 2022. Apart from their graphical fidelity, these games left the games impressed with their character models. When it comes to working on the mastering process of Unreal, The Coalition has always had an edge over other players in this space.

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The fifth iteration of the engine has proved to be yet another demonstration of the high-end technology used by Epic Games. Gears fans, however, now feel that the studio must use its expertise and experience towards the development process of its next project.

McIntyre, while doing an interview with Dexerto, confirmed that he hasn’t received any update from The Coalition about Gears of War 6. As a character, JD Fenix has been an integral part of the game. If McIntyre hasn’t heard anything about Gears of War 6 yet, it means there is a lot of time for the next game in the franchise to come out.

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