Arcane Wonders Working On Developing a Call of Duty Tabletop Board Game

Call of Duty

Fans of Call of Duty should look forward to a tabletop board game based on the first-person shooter video game.

Call of Duty should brace themselves for some very positive news. A tabletop board game, based on the popular first-person shooter video game, will be launched soon. This particular project is being spearheaded by Arcane Wonders, an organization that has worked on adapting a bunch of video games and other media content in the past. However, recreating or incorporating the elements of Call of Duty in a board game should be their most ambitious project till date.

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Arcane Wonders, widely known as a reliable board game publishing company, was set up in the year 2012. Since then, it has offered a wide range of strategic board and card games to video game fans. The company has several award-winning board games to its credit including Mage Wars Arena and Sheriff of Nottingham. One of its most popular properties happens to be Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game which was based on the Secret Neighbor and Hello Neighbor video games. RWBY: Combat Ready, a board game version of the RWBY series by Rooster Teeth was also put together by Arcane Wonders.

Arcane Wonders just released an announcement trailer for this project. Given the response to this trailer on social media, one can safely assume that fans are extremely excited about it. The trailer also makes it clear that Activision Blizzard will not be financing this board game.

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Robert Geistlinger, who serves as the president of Arcane Wonders, confirmed that the company has only been given the requisite license to work on this project. He, however, added that the Activision team has been very generous and allowed the company to use a bunch of tools and properties pertaining to Call of Duty to ensure the board game lives up to the kind of expectations fans have from it.

A Kickstarter campaign, designed to promote the game, is expected to be out towards the end of the summer season. Multiple goals funders will be associated with this Kickstarter campaign and one will be to unlock them one after another after embarking upon the fundraising journey. Along with weapons and modes, additional maps, pre-painted miniatures and co-op campaigns have been planned. The game’s setting will follow the timeline of the rebooted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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