Dead Island 2 Sales Prove it is a Hit Despite Much Delay

Dead Island 2

Almost no one believed Dead Island 2 sales will be humongous compared to so many new titles getting launched on a daily basis.

The game managed to overpower most modern-day titles even though it was originally in development for more than eight years and had nearly two different companies working on it with so many changes made before its launch.

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Much to the surprise of the entire gaming industry, Dead Island 2 managed to sell over one million copies in just three days of its release. The game didn’t launch on Steam which made it difficult to understand how gamers have received it. They often make extensive reviews which allow the entire industry to easily find if a title is a hit or a miss. However, this particular title was launched only on Epic Games Store through which they have managed to make this sale. It won’t be long before it gets launched on other clients too, namely Steam.

Positive Reviews So Far

Based on critic reviews and positive comments from players, it looks like the game has been received with positive perception till now. People who pre-ordered the title were supposed to have received in-game goodies but due to development delays, they have been postponed and will be delivered in the next few months this Summer.

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While some reviews and comments from players do claim that the game is far more gore-filled, it is not hurting Dead Island 2 sales by any means so far. The game continues to be among the top charts and will further receive newer add-ons, making it even more popular among the gaming community.

Many titles released in recent times hardly fall into this genre as most are multiplayer and focus on action based on community attitude whereas this zombie shooter is all about unadulterated fun. Dead Island 2 sales stand proof to this claim and it will continue to do so because of its uniqueness.

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