New Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumor Indicates Multiple Cities Featuring In The Game

New GTA 6 leak

As per a new Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor, the game’s map will feature multiple cities and regions.

While some of these locations are ones that have been already introduced in the game, there will be many that players will get to discover for the first time. If the rumors are to be believed, players will get back to both Liberty City and Vice City. While Liberty City is the fictional take of the game on New York City, Vice City has been designed to resemble Miami.

According to the rumor, even Carcer City will be a part of the game. Though Carcer City has never featured in the game, it has been referenced several times. It also serves as the setting for Rockstar Games’ popular game Manhunt. In the Grand Theft Auto universe, Carcer City is known to be a dark and dangerous city that is situated very close to Liberty City.

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Many fans have interestingly described it as Rust Belt city’s caricature. The rumor also states that the series will traverse across several international locations this time. One part of the gaming series, according to the rumor, could be set in Cuba. The rumor drops hints about a bunch of other locations, but no specific details are provided.

This rumor has been leaked by Matheusvictorbr, a Twitter user who became very popular after leaking information about GTA games in the past. Though the leaker has managed to make accurate predictions on several occasions, many a time the claims made by them have turned out to be false. Fans are expecting this information to be true as many other rumors in the past have indicated towards GTA 6 being designed as a multi-city game. Some have also made claims about the game being set in multiple countries.

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