Grand Theft Auto 6: New Rumor Sheds Light On Siblings Protagonists and Plot Details


Ever since Rockstar Games confirmed that they are working on the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto, there have been multiple rumors about what fans can expect from GTA 6.

A new rumor, which has surfaced within the GTA community, shares details about the in-game story of the next game in the franchise. If the rumor proves to be accurate, the upcoming GTA game will mark the return of multiple protagonists that one first came across in GTA 5.

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While GTA 5 had as many as three protagonists, the rumors indicate towards GTA 6 features only two. These two protagonists will be a brother and a sister who faced separation, after the death of their parents, in the prologue of the game.

The rumor also states that the game will have an adaptive map and a bunch of destructive environments. As the story moves forward, the map will continue to evolve. As per the rumor, the marketing campaign for the game will kick-start in a couple of months and GTA 6 will be ready for release in 2024. All this information left fans looking for more details. However, this is all the information that has been packaged in the form of a rumor.

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The aforementioned rumor has been spread by Matheusvictorbr, a Twitter user that has leaked information about GTA in the past. There have been many instances when the information shared by Matheusvictorbr has proved to be accurate but on many occasions, his rumors have emerged as being false. Though Rockstar Games hasn’t addressed these rumors, these have created quite a ripple in the GTA community. The information shared by Matheusvictorbr is quite important but whether it turns out to be true or not is something time will tell.

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