Nintendo Switch Console Update 14.1.0 Gets A Release

nintendo switch

Nintendo is one of those video game companies that makes it a point to release regular updates for the Nintendo Switch, its hybrid console.

While the size or value of each update is not the same, every single firmware update has contributed to improving the console in some way or another. While some updates made the functionality of the console more stable, few other updates brought in fresh features.

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The newest Nintendo Switch firmware update has been released, along with its complete patch notes. After the release of this update, the Switch has been catapulted to version 14.1.0. This time, the Nintendo Switch update has brought new functionality to the game.

Earlier, Nintendo made an addition of new methods to win Platinum Points by finishing Nintendo Switch Online missions on the Switch. Since these Platinum Points expire after a point of time, the Nintendo Switch will let users remain informed about the expiry date of these points. If players find these notifications bothersome, they can choose not to receive them.

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Nintendo has also introduced a bunch of new Nintendo Switch icons to the Platinum Points custom icon collection. As many as 16 icons have been introduced to the collection. Out of these, eight icons have arrived from Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the rest are from Splatoon 2. Though several icons were a part of these games earlier, this time images of illustrations and characters, which have not been used previously, have been included. Players have the chance of acquiring these icons any time before May 1.

Therefore mentioned updates are not very substantial but should definitely give Nintendo Switch fans some reason to be happy. For a very long time, fans have been expecting Nintendo to introduce certain themes that will help them customize the Nintendo Switch. It would be interesting to see the kind of updates Nintendo comes up in the near future.

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