The Sims 4: New Update Resolves Issues With Wedding Stories Game Pack

Sims 4 Wedding stories

On March 31, 2022, the My Wedding Stories Pack in the Sims 4 received a patch from Electronic Arts.

As per the team, this particular patch will fix all the bugs that one came across in the latest expansion kit. The focus of this patch has been on making improvements in the gameplay revolving around wedding ceremonies and fixing other issues pertaining to it.

Electronic Arts and developer Maxis informed fans, via Twitter, that the patch for The Sims 4 is now available on both consoles and PC. The patch seems to be providing a resolution to some prominent problems with ceremony activities that were not functioning adequately during receptions, wedding ceremony parties and vow renewals. Now, Sims will get to move up and down, short, medium and long aisles when the Gather happens at Aisle interaction.

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This update would have surely brought a smile to the lips of many players as the My Wedding Stories pack was facing issues ever since it was released on February 23, 2022. As soon as it was launched, players reported a variety of problems with the new DLC. Sims not moving across the aisle in the right manner, guests not conducting themselves properly and showing up in weird costumes were some of the odd things players witnessed and reported about.

While many of the issues have been fixed, players still come across many bugs while playing the game. For instance, many of the guests at the wedding do not seem to be paying attention to the speeches and the toasts. There is also a major problem with the couple’s first dance wherein the Sims tend to get distracted by the sound of the stereo system. As was the case earlier, there is an issue with the functioning of the bouquet toss. The bride doesn’t toss the bouquet if she feels there is not enough space around.

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At the moment, fans are hoping that the developing team will roll out another update in the near future to ensure the issues, that continue to prevail in the game, get resolved.

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