New GTA Online Easter Egg Makes Fans Further Excited About Liberty City Expansion

GTA online

In February, Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working towards developing the next game in the GTA franchise.

After that, the gaming publisher decided not to share any other detail about this much-awaited game.

This year, Grand Theft Auto 5 was launched, amidst much fanfare, on gen-next consoles. Grand Theft Auto Online, on the other hand, has become a standalone product. The steps taken by Rockstar Games are a clear indicator of the fact that GTA 5 will be around and get upgrades for a very long time.

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Now, almost after a decade since the release of old-gen version of the game, two YouTubers have stumbled upon an Easter Egg in it.

A couple of days ago, Mr. Faucherr and GamingBGK, who happen to be popular YouTubers from Europe, discovered an Easter Egg, related to Liberty City, while playing GTA Online. While playing the game, the two YouTubers paid a visit to the Opium Nights Hotel. The hotel is situated closer to the Greenwich Parkway and Exceptionalists Way in Las Santos’ LSIA district.

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The duo visited the hotel at night and as they got closer to the entrance, their eyes discovered something that left them surprised. The right-most pane of the glass door featured a reflection of the skyline of Liberty City.

GTA online

This particular imagery was discovered on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. The players made an attempt to get this setting replicated in the next-gen version but they didn’t quite succeed despite switching between multiple graphics modes.

Logically, one can conclude that Rockstar Games was dropping hints about the hotel’s name through this image. Opium is a drug that makes players go through hallucinations and gives them an impression of Las Santos being Liberty City.

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