New GTA Online Glitch Gives Solo Players The Opportunity To Make $3 Million Every 5 Minutes

GTA Online glitch

Players have got yet another opportunity to make a lot of in-game money through a new GTA Online glitch!

There are several ways in which players can make money in GTA Online. If a player is consistent enough and makes the right moves, they can make a lot of money in a short span of time. Many players manage to make millions of dollars by exploiting money glitches in the game and using them to their advantage.

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A new GTA Online glitch has made it possible for solo players to earn $3 million every 5 minutes. This glitch is related to purchasing and selling cars. Therefore, to exploit this glitch, a player should have adequate funds at their disposal to buy some of the fancy rides in the game. They would also be required to unlock a bird in the Director Mode. Players can do this by consuming Peyote Plants in the story mode. After this, they have to venture into the Invite Only session in GTA Online. Players can exploit this glitch in both public and private sessions. Opting for a private session would be a better idea as there is no scope for interference by other players there.

Once a player gets inside an online lobby, they can utilize the smartphone provided in the game to head to an automobile website and buy a car they like. After this, they will have to find a garage to keep it and get the internet disconnected after seeing the word “SOLD”.

GTA online glitch

After 5-6 seconds, they should reconnect the internet and go back to GTA Online. Now, the player would be notified of an error and be directed toward the story mode. After this, the player will have to reach out to the Interaction Menu and get the Director Mode launched. They need to select a bird that is available. After doing this, they will have to access the map of the game and put together a closer to the road beside Procopio Beach. The next step involves selecting the Interaction Menu, going to Location and choosing Waypoint.

After spawning as the bird, the player has to opt for the Interaction Menu again. The player will have to now choose the ‘Quit to story Mode’ option and make an attempt to collide with a vehicle moving towards them.

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The player has to click on the Interaction Menu present on the black screen again, go up one option and click on it. Since no visuals will be present on the screen, the player will have to observe the sound. If the player follows all the processes correctly, the game will seek confirmation regarding launching the Director Mode. Once the players choose the ‘Yes’ option, they will come out of the Director Mode and get into an online lobby.

Now, the player will realize that they have exactly the same amount of cash they had before buying the vehicle. The car, which will be parked in the garage, can be sold in exchange for cash. While most cars in GTA Online fall under the purview of this glitch, the ones that are very expensive boast a very high resale value.

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