New GTA Online Update Results in Hangar Owners Getting 50% Extra Cash

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Like many other updates released in the past, the new GTA Online update enables players to make some extra cash.

Hangar owners in Grand Theft Auto Online now have the opportunity to make 50% extra cash. The latest weekly GTA Online update lets Hangar owners make additional money by participating in the Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions. Even if somebody finds it to be a minor incentive, they must remember that the earnings of the business got tripled on a permanent basis on December 6, 2022. This is already a solid business and getting 50% additional cash would only make it more lucrative for players.

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However, it must be remembered that these kinds of jobs can prove to be a little difficult for novice pilots to attempt. One also needs to mention here that there is a good chance to earn a High Demand Bonus through these missions in a public session. While these activities could seem difficult initially, they are highly lucrative. With the right skills and some amount of patience, players can make a lot of money through this.

Players who think the aforementioned amount is on the lower side must remember one important thing. If players take into account the huge payouts involved in an Air Freight Cargo Sell Mission, they will realize this 50% bonus is quite important. When somebody makes an attempt to sell the best Hangar products in a lobby, they will realize there is a cap of $5,070,000 on the items. Owing to the 50% cash bonus, players can get an additional amount of $2,530,000.

The YouTuber, who made and uploaded the aforementioned video, earned $7,858,500 through a full Sell Mission. They had to adhere to the cap which was set before the 50% incentive came into the picture. Now, GTA Online players can earn as much as $11,787,750 by completing a single Air Freight Cargo Sell Mission.

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