New The Sims 4 Leaked Survey Suggests Fairies and Witches Game Pack

The Sims 4

Maxis and Electronic Arts are busy shuffling through game packs for the Sims 4.

As part of their survey, they have been handing out different forms to gamers that leaked out some of the possible packs that are being planned.

The Sims 4 Fairies Game Pack

Earlier, it was the Dream Job, Small Pets and Summer Vacations game pack. A latest leaked survey posted by a Reddit user Becccaboo suggests that there are more interesting packs being considered. The newest one is the Witches and Fairies game pack that revealed some interesting additions to the game. Each one of the unique creatures have a role to play in the game.

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Being a witch in the Sims 4 is pretty much how you have seen in the movies and fairy tale stories. As a player, you will have complete control over how your sim looks. There are options to make her look really ugly or choose to create a beautiful and alluring witch. New outfits, hair styles and capes add up to the customization available. There are no witches in the world can live without a magical broom and the one available in the game will allow you to fly across at night, create new spells and fight with other powerful sim witches in the world. You can also brew special potions to create curses, hexes that may make others go berserk.

The Sims 4 Witches Game Pack

The Witch game pack will be an individual add-on expected to be priced at $19.99. Next in the line is the Fairies game pack which is pretty similar to witches but has more magical and positive vibe to it. They are tiny and live in their own fairyland. It is available only for fairies who have acquired special permission to enter the land. Customization options will be plenty to create your own cute, tiny fairy with lots of bright colors and brilliantly designed wings. With the fairie dust, you can enchant objects and choose to cause fun filled mayhem in the fairy land. The pricing of the game pack is expected to be at $19.99.

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The Sims 4

Another game pack that is spotted in the survey for the Sims 4 is the Winter Vacation. The idea is very similar to Summer Vacation but everything is snowy in this game pack. You have wide range of amazing stay areas right from snowy winter cabins to a luxurious resort. Spend hours playing in the snow, building your snowman and you can even win prizes by showcasing your skills in snowboarding. There is an adventure element in the game that allows you to find caves, follow animal tracks and embark on a snowy adventure in the mountains. The bigger game pack is expected to be priced at $39.99. All packs are speculated ones and are not confirmed by Maxis yet.

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