The Sims 4 New Game Packs Leaked in Survey Questions

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Maxis had been a proactive developer who always heed to their customer’s voices.

Instead of rolling out random content, the Sims 4 will receive game packs based on what players actually love.

Even before the game got launched, Electronic Arts and developer Maxis were trying to experiment with different ideas to deliver the best. Rumors claimed that they wanted to introduce an annual subscription pack for $100 which will give players access to all the game packs, expansions and content packs released in a year. Such an announcement has not been made so far. However, a new survey has revealed some possible game packs the team is considering to add to the game.

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The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff

The Sims 4 Small Animals pack, Dream Crafts, Beauty Salon and Summer Holiday are the four packs that seem to have made its way to the final list. A similar survey distributed before the game’s launch had over a dozen choices. Some of them could have made its way to the game already like the Get to Work game pack. Each one of the four packs leaked now seems to be promising and will add a whole new lease of fun factor to the already addictive game.

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As the name suggests, the Small Animals pack is all about having a pet of your own that doesn’t occupy so much space or time as a conventional pet would do. The pack would allow Sims who are really busy but would like to have some pets to keep company. The choices could be something like a talking bird, a reptile or even a cute guinea pig. You can train your pets to do actions like fetching an object and even breed two of them together to create new, exotic creatures.

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Dream Crafts game pack is all about careers that are too good to be true and dreamy. You can become an astronaut to fly in space, become a rockstar with your very own band or even turn into a burglar. What could a burglar do possibly steal expensive jewelry and join the international criminal association? The pack could be priced at $39.99 as it offers more content than the Small Animals expected to cost $19.99.

The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff Free Download

The Beauty Saloon pack is pretty much easy to get it. You run your own salon, become a beauty expert and turn into a business person eventually to run a huge enterprise. The Summer Holiday game pack is to let your Sim relax in the beach, create a campfire, catch fish and just have the best time. The pack for the Sims 4 could be priced at $39.99. The game packs are not confirmed and they may make it to the final game only if Maxis confirms it.

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