Nintendo Switch 2 Will Support 4K Games, Console Announcement is Really Close

nintendo switch

Playing games in 4K resolution on a handheld console could be one of the best things to happen to a gamer.

Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to deliver big on this dream as they have already managed to run titles like Wolfenstein and Doom on the measly power of the original Switch.

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With Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5 confirmed, Nintendo is working on their Switch 2 console and lots of activities point to an imminent announcement in the next few months. While the console may not hit stores before 2021, any kind of announcement would definitely stop players from immediately purchasing a next generation console. After all, the power of hybrid that allows you to play at home and also on the go is very unique, especially when it could support 4K resolution on game titles.


Nintendo Doubles Production

Nintendo has officially asked Switch manufacturers to double production while getting rid of existing stocks. Such strategies are usually implemented by the brand whenever they are about to launch a new console. The idea is to sell all old stocks while coping up with market requirement by selling the rest for a discounted pricing. The next generation console may not launch before the mid of 2021 if we are to believe the rumor mills. In that case, many people would love to buy a Switch because there are so many exclusive titles like Mario, Zelda and other games to check out at much better deals at this point.

Games Being Made in 4K

Another prominent information comes from none other than Bloomberg which claims that Nintendo has spoken to their game developers. They have asked them to start working on 4K games which is a clear indication that a new console is in development. The existing model is definitely not powerful enough to support it whereas Nintendo Switch 2 should be able to achieve it, especially with all the hype surrounding AMD chips and newer graphical chips available now.

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Based on what we know, the Nintendo Switch 2 will possibly be powered by Nvidia Tegra Xavier processor with 64GB of SSD storage. It should help improve the game loading times and in theory is a much powerful chipset compared to what is being used on the existing console. The pricing should once again be competitive because Xbox Series S delivers something similar at $300 and $350 seems like the ideal price point but it won’t be surprising if Nintendo choose to price it much higher.

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