The Sims 4 Players Did Something that Disney Would Never Do

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The Sims 4 recently received the Star Wars expansion pack titled the Journey to Batuu.

The pack brought in a brand new storyline which is something new for the universe and would provide alternate ways to participate in the story that takes place in a galaxy far away.

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Being a family-friendly company, Walt Disney which now owns Star Wars franchise would never allow some things to happen. One of the fan favorites is to make sure Kylo Ren and Rey have their intimate moments together. Of course, you would never come across this scene in the movies because they just can’t do injustice to their audience, right?

Going Against the Block with a Mod

The Sims 4 community is a thriving one with plenty of hackers and modders who would love to make things better in their favorite title. The popular romantic interlude between Kylo Ren and Rey never happened but the players wanted to find out if they can make it possible between these NPC characters. Electronic Arts which without any choice from its franchise owners Walt Disney has imposed plenty of restrictions to stop such romance to take place at any point in the story.

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Players who had a dedicated dating and romantic expansion packs in Sims games could never do the same in the Star Wars universe. Bringing things to another level, they even made sure there are no beds or anything would hint at such copulation. The people in the forum started working on it by creating models of Kylo Ren and Rey to the Sims 4 gallery. Anyone will now be able to download them and make them live under the same room in the house, which obviously leads to what every fan wanted to watch.

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A romantic interlude such as kissing, hugging and whatever the game would allow in  the mod. Maggie Marley, a Sims forum member used software programs to edit it and even make a sim pregnant using Kylo’s features. It allowed them to see how these babies would look when they grow up, with lots of features borrowed from their dad Kylo or Rey if she is the mommy who has a baby with your male Sims avatar. As always, it won’t be long for it to get removed if it violates certain aspects that Disney feels offensive but for now, you should be able to make use of these models in the Journey to Batuu expansion pack.

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