The Sims 4 Maybe a Bad Choice for the Star Wars Universe, Know Why?

The power of the Sims 4 lies in the basic element that it allows you to create your own world.

Be it an eco-friendly lifestyle or living amidst pets, it is a customized universe. The Star Wars is a well-established universe of its own where everything is pre-defined.

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A player may often feel that they don’t belong there because the characters, lightsabers and the powers are all set. A player can’t simply walk into it to customize the world of Batuu but will rather be able to change their costumes, trying to find into this universe. In other words, it wouldn’t be a huge claim if we say that Electronic Arts and Maxis have alienated their huge fan base. After all, they could do only so much in a story-driven world. They have to just go along with the narrative to truly enjoy it.


A Single Player Campaign – Is it wise?

Single-player campaigns are the core element for any popular title such as The Witcher 3, Doom, Call of Duty or many other games. Some of them even have a dedicated multiplayer world such as Grand Theft Auto 5. The Sims 4 is more about building an entirely new world using costumes, characters, houses and everything else you could find. In a simple note, it was designed to allow players to live out their fantasy or represent themselves in a virtual world. The entire initiative becomes obsolete when you are pitted in a completely new world.

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The gameplay elements in the Star Wars is an odd choice because it completely disrupts the Sims brand that has been built over the years. It is a bit new and may interest some players. You will have the freedom to choose sides in the universe and help them complete their objectives. Every time, they have successfully completed the characters would reward you with special outfits and other items that can be used to decorate your house.

Some of the events in this new The Sims 4 pack will have inspiration from the Star Wars movie. Journey to Batuu is more of a standalone game for fans of the franchise but for a hardcore Sims fans, this is definitely not the right choice. The wait will now continue until a better expansion pack is announced in the following months. It could be a short wait if the newly surfaced rumors are true as they are readying more stuff for the holidays.

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