Nintendo Switch User Ids are Fast Filling Up, Get Yours Now

Nintendo Switch

It has been hours since the announcement and most ids are probably gone but you can get your Nintendo Switch name if you act fast.

The announcement was made on their Twitter channel that confirmed that players can login and grab the names they most love. Nintendo made the announcement and if you want to make sure you get MarioWeeb or something similar, login right now. There are a couple of things to know before you rush to the website. There are different types of accounts available and you can choose them based on what you have.

Nintendo Switch

The basic Nintendo account includes an e-mail and your password combination which is the most preferred of them all. It will allow you to access a vast range of services provided by the company and will work with all devices. The nickname will let you identify yourself using your first name with their services. The last one is the Nintendo Network ID which works with the Wii U, 3DS eshop and Miiverse.

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When they asked players to grab their id, it became quite confusing. Most players reported that they are being asked to create new Nintendo Account User ID. People who have pre-ordered the Switch console are able to login and get the ID they like. There are so many accounts to choose from and it is quite unclear what the company actually wants you to do. If you are quite patient and doesn’t mind going with whatever is available at last you can just wait for the storm to pass.

Nintendo Switch User Ids

There are too many Nintendo Switch updates coming back and forth with just a week to go. The console will start shipping along with some amazing games. The developers also confirmed the size of games for the console that confirmed you do need a SD card to install them all. The Legend of Zelda is the biggest of them all at 13.4 GB, Mario Kart 8 at 8 GB while a couple of smaller games are less than 2GB making it easy to carry them around. A 64GB SD card should possibly get you through a couple of months and you should be able to install all the Nintendo Switch titles without any difficulty.

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Another rumor based on a patent filing by Sony suggests a hybrid PS Vita like console is coming soon. If confirmed, it could be a huge competitor for the Switch by Nintendo.

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