Bethesda’s Todd Howard Refuses to Confirm if Skyrim on Nintendo Switch is Special Edition

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is getting Skyrim, a huge deal by the company’s standards that’s always about first party titles.

However, it is known that the hardware is limited and based on the comment Todd Howard made it could be the original version of the game.


Bethesda is an amazing game developer known for their extensive games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. They launched the special edition version on PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Bringing mod support to home consoles was pretty much a nightmare as it worked fine on Microsoft’s device but took months for Sony to allow them into their proprietary system. Bringing mods and the whole new level of visual upgrades to the Switch seems like an impossible feat to achieve.

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During a recent interview, Todd Howard said he can’t talk about or confirm whether Skyrim on Nintendo Switch is a special edition or the original edition. When the game got launched launched on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, it was ridden with bugs despite the beautiful open world exploration and gameplay it offered. It took years for the developers to make it run as intended and finally add mod support to consoles.

Given the limited functionality of the new hybrid handheld device, it’s evident that Skyrim original edition is more possible on the Switch than the newer version. It could be so taxing on the hardware that could lead to crashes and sticking to the original game sounds better. Besides, the concept of introducing mods on such a device that is still experimenting its limits may not get into mods to offer a smooth gameplay experience.

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Players are engaged in a long discussion on Reddit where the information was posted. It was originally reported by a magazine that covers Switch and all things related to Nintendo. While some opine that it could be the classic edition, others feel the delayed launch date indicates Bethesda is trying to find a middle ground for Skyrim between the special edition and the original.

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch

The game developers may choose to add HD rumble, motion sensor control among other nifty features to convince people to buy Skyrim again on the Nintendo Switch. The title has been sold in multiple versions on all possible platforms and getting people to spend money on it again requires from effort from Bethesda. It might be a while before it gets launched and we will know more about exclusive features, if any after launch.

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