Nintendo Switch Online Game Pac-Man 99 Will Be Bidding Goodbye To Fans

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Fans of Pac-Man 99 just have a few more days to play the game.

Pac-Man 99, the Nintendo Switch online game, have had its set of fans. If you are somebody who enjoyed playing the game, here’s some sad news for you. By next week, the game will be taken down and not be available for anyone. Bandai Namco, who is the publisher of Pac-Man, had been working towards dismantling the game since August. The servers of the game will finally go off on October 8.

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Pac-Mann 9 was launched as a bonus game for those who had subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online. The game was noticed for featuring elements of a battle royale game and an arcade classic title. In the game, as many as 99 online players compete with each other to emerge as the last Pac-Man in the game. The game had several innovative mechanics that kept the players hooked. The game was received quite well upon its launch in 2021.

In March, Namco discontinued the DLC in the game and thereby began the process of the game being taken down. On October 8 at 9:00 PM, the game will be shut down for the gamers in the Pacific region. On October 9 at 12:00 AM, the game will become inaccessible for Eastern region gamers.

Once the online servers of the game are shut down, the game will not be available on the Nintendo store. It is important to note here that players who are in possession of the Pac-Man 99 DLC would still have access to the single-player CPU Battle, Score Attack and Blind Time Attack modes in Offline mode.

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In the past, players have come across instances of retro game battle royale titles by Nintendo shutting down. In 2021, Mario Bros. 35 was taken off. Some of the older titles, like Tetris 99 which was launched in 2019, continue to be around. Last month, too, Nintendo launched a retro battle royale title in the form of F-Zero 99. In the near future, the video game company could come with several new titles in this space.

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