Bethesda Launches a New Elder Scrolls Game For Free

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls: Castle, which has been made available for free, has some elements that one came across in the 2015 launched mobile game Fallout Shelter.

While everybody is waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6, it is common knowledge that the game will take a few more years to arrive. Bethesda continues to work on and develop other titles in the meantime. The gaming studio has just released a new Elder Scrolls game for free in the form of The Elder Scrolls: Castles.

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The Elder Scrolls: Castles has been designed quite similarly to Fallout Shelter, the mobile game that Bethesda launched in 2015. Just like the 2015 game, The Elder Scrolls: Castles gives players the opportunity to construct and maintain a home in the signature worlds of Bethesda. Players would also get the chance to give orders to the inhabitants to work and have a look at the surroundings. The Elder Scrolls: Castles, however, is not simply a fantasy reskin. It offers a lot more.

Those who have played Fallout Shelter are well aware of the fact that construction was the main element in it. In The Elder Scrolls: Castles, it happens to be one of the many elements that players will get to explore. From getting the opportunity to customize their castle to being shouldered the responsibility to manage it, there is a lot that players will get to explore here.

Players will be making decisions that will have an impact on the way their kingdom runs. If the player makes all the right decisions, the kingdom will flourish. If they falter on any occasion, it will have a direct impact on the kingdom. The decisions taken by the players will also be responsible for the kind of impression inhabitants and factions have of them. If the player opposes them at all times, their reign could be over sooner than they expect it to be.

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The game, however, will not be over for the player when a particular ruler gets off the throne. If one ruler gets assassinated or dies because of some other reason, another ruler will emerge to take their place. The game is currently in its early access stage and is expected to be updated with several more interesting elements soon.

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