Overwatch 2 Shares Important Update On Roadhog Rework

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The much-awaited Roadhog rework for Overwatch 2 will finally take place next week!

The Roadhog rework for Overwatch 2 has been teased for a November update. This rework will reportedly make some enhancements to his role as a tank. As has been the case with other Overwatch 2 heroes, Roadhog was a character that was brought in from the original game. Fans, however, had been expecting the character to be presented in a modified avatar in the game.

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A Roadhog rework has been in the development process for quite some time. While Blizzard has dropped hints about the kind of changes Roadhog mains can look forward to, no specific information has been provided as yet. Whenever an Overwatch hero would be introduced in Overwatch 2, one would expect to see some changes in them. Roadhog is expected to go through a similar journey. A large number of players go for alternative tanks in the standard game modes. Through a November patch, Overwatch 2 will introduce players to the major Roadhog changes.

The official Twitter account of Overwatch Cavalry has stated that a major update would be rolled out for Roadhog in seven days. Alec Dawson, who serves as one of the lead designers on Overwatch 2, hinted about major changes being introduced but didn’t share any concrete information. The hint shared by Dawson was a GIF of The Ring shared with a fan who had some questions about the Roadhog rework.

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“7 days” is what the GIF stated. At the moment, one is not sure if the November 14 update for the game will feature the full rework or just some parts of it. What one is certain about is that players will come across an important adjustment on that particular day. It must be mentioned here that Blizzard, in the recent past, had unveiled some aspects pertaining to the Roadhog revamp.

Post the rework, Roadhog shall have the ability to safeguard teammates and have stronger control over the battlefield. Though he will be able to retain his play style, there will be a different method of his power being distributed. While players were expecting the adjustments to come through in October, it took slightly longer for the update to be ready. While transitioning to Overwatch 2, Roadhog’s Chain Hook, gun and Ultimate Ability underwent changes.

Since one has only come across hints about the upcoming update, Roadhog players are not very sure about what they can expect from it. The last major update on Overwatch 2 resulted in D.Va getting buffed and Doomfist getting nerfed. This also led to several balancing issues in the game. Since the Roadhog rework is expected to be out next week, one can expect a lot of traffic on the game in the near future.

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