Overwatch 2 Shares Confirmation About Season 2 Map Reveal Date

overwatch 2 Tracer

Overwatch 2 Season 2 is just around the corner and Blizzard has just shared when players will be able to view the new map being included in the game.

Though Overwatch 2 was released with a plethora of new maps, players will be quite happy if a new location will be seen in the newest season of the game.

December 6 has been finalized for the launch of the second season. Blizzard has started the process of teasing fans about the additions and changes that they can look forward to with the arrival of the second season. During the Overwatch League Grand Finals, it was revealed by the developer that Ramattra would be the next hero to be added to Overwatch 2. The developer also shared an update about when fans will get more information about the next season. They have shared when the next map will be made a part of the game.

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Through a Twitter post, Overwatch revealed some of the plans that Blizzard has been working on pertaining to the launch of the second season. As per the developer, several important details related to the new season will be shared in the next few weeks. It has been confirmed that the map for Season 2 will be revealed on December 2, days before Overwatch 2 I scheduled to be launched. While fans were expecting Overwatch to share more details about the map, it refrained from doing so.

Apart from confirming the reveal date for Season 2, the tweet also shared important information pertaining to some of the major events that are scheduled to take place in the next few days. The Ramattra gameplay trailer is all set to be unveiled on November 26. A day later, a developer update will be shared and it will mark the launch of a five-part series. On November 29, a content roadmap will be unveiled for the fans.

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With the launch of Overwatch 2 Season 2 due in the next couple of weeks, fans are keenly looking forward to seeing how the game turns out to be. The developer has managed to create solid hype for the hype with timely updates and teases.

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